foto80 kilometers from the city of El Calafate is located Perito Moreno glacier . This glacier is a thick mass of ice that originates from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field . Named after Francisco Moreno (1852-1919) , director of the Museum of Argentina Scientific Society and active explorer of the southern part of that country . This glacier is one of several Patagonian glaciers that accrues . Any of the three scenarios of incorporation: decrease , accretion , and balance, still debated by glaciologists . The advancing front of the glacier is 5 km wide , with an average height of 74 m above Lake Argentino. The total depth of ice is 170 meters. In his breakthrough dam waters Rico arm of Lake Argentino , which reaches that level to rise up to 30 meters above Lake Argentino, putting pressure on the ice. First, a tunnel is created with a vault of more than 50 m by the waters of the Rico arm down to the lake Argentino. Erosion caused by water eventually causes the collapse of the dome, one of the most impressive spectacles that can be witnessed . The process was repeated over irregular intervals : the last break began production on March 2, 2012 , with a height in the Rico arm of 5.6 m . The penultimate rupture, which began production on 4 July and culminated on July 9, 2008 , just two years after the previous (March 2006 ) . However, the 2004 rupture occurred after 16 years ( February 1988) , when the difference in water levels between the channel and icebergs Rico arm reached 30 m . Tourists can enjoy this show just 400 m away, in specially created for observation. Formerly broke in 1984 , 1980 , 1977 , 1975 , 1972 , 1970 , 1966 , 1963 , 1960 , 1956 , 1953 , 1951 (winter ) , 1947 , 1940 , 1934 , 1917. Thus, these ruptures , on average, every five years. It is also possible to move on it, special clothing and footwear, with specially trained guides and special knowledge of the area. The glacier Perito Moreno has a speed about 4 km far from the front, about 2 m per day , about 700 m per year.



The trip is about 1 hour and a half (3 hours round trip) and can stop to take pictures whenever they want. Timeout 3 hours.

Safari Boat Option: Coordinates in place. It consists of boating on Lake Rico, reaching the walls of the Perito Moreno Glacier. No Charge transfer.

Option Mini Trekking and Big Ice: The tour's 1 and average gateways $3.175.